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This blog is for me to share pictures of Lolita and anything cute and pink!!!!


My local lolita community organized a Christmas dinner and I decided to wear Lyrical Bunny. I co-ordinated my dress with light blue although I am unsure if i am happy with this colour combination.

JSK and headbow- Angelic Pretty
Shoes- Secret Shop
Socks- Offbrand
Cutsew- Kidsyoyo
Wig- Bodyline


Gin, myself and Aeryn in our lolita. I’m in the Last Country Sally jsk, my first lolita ever. Totally worth it.


One of these days. I looooooooove this print, even though it’s a little busy, I love it. I think the red is better than the blue colourway.

Stock photo: Angelic Pretty (Star Night Theatre JSK)


Vanilla chan replica? What?

I really want this but im not sure about that extra lace in the middle