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This blog is for me to share pictures of Lolita and anything cute and pink!!!!

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This was my outfit for my work Christmas party. Everyone loved it!

JSK and socks- Angelic Pretty
Shoes- Secret shop
Headbow- Baby the stars shine bright
Wig- GLW
Cutsew- Kidsyoyo

Outfit rundown:

JSK and Headbow: DOL

Shoes: Secret Shop

Wig: Bodyline

Tights and shirt: Offbrand

Accessories: 6% Doki Doki

Outfit rundown:

JSK and Headbow: Angelic Pretty

Shoes: Secret shop

Wig: GLW

Tights and shirt: Offbrand 

Finally obtained Milky-Chan. My Dream Dress. I still cant believe i have this!!

I don’t have many lavender accessories so I tried out this dress with a Navy Blue.

Not sure if I like it…