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This blog is for me to share pictures of Lolita and anything cute and pink!!!!


I had a photoshoot a little while back but never posted any photos from it.

It was a really cold day but we braved it and had fun.  First photo belongs to Cat Fase and the other two from Hiryuu.

Last month I had a classic lolita photoshoot and I wore my new Innocent world dress! Had such a fun day and the photos are so lovely. 

*All photos belong to Sam Turner*

Blouse: Anna House
Shoes: Secret Shop
Wig: Bodyline

My outfit for the annual Rococo meet. 
Photo credit: Liza

JSK: Baby the stars shine bright
Shoes: Secret shop
Blouse: Dear Celine
Wig: GLW


Hi! I am another Mod here and this is my dream dress. Innocent Worlds Lotta JSK in the brown color way. Every time I see it I go “HNNNGGG” it’s kinda unhealthy. OH WELL.



mintymix in Metamorphose’s Telephone Print


show me your fabric!


[8.10.2011 - Classic Lolita]